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Wear Test Summary Form

How to Participate in a New Balance Wear Test!

1. Log into your NB Wear Test account and Review the information regarding start, end and feedback dates. NOTE: The "login" button is located in the top upper right hand corner of the wear test website homepage. If you need your user id and password, please click on the "adult tester forgot password"

2. Track your wear test package by clicking on the tracking id number in your current tests account dashboard. To intercept a package after it has shipped from New Balance, please contact UPS www.ups.com.

3. Mark the dates on which you must log in to your NB Wear Test account and complete an online feedback form in a frequently viewed calendar, on your blackberry, etc.

4. Immediately start using the test product in a manner consistent with the design of the product, as directed in the Special Test Instructions listed in your account dashboard.

5. SUPER IMPORTANT!!! On the designated Feedback dates (Initial, Mid-Test and/or Final), log in to your account and complete the appropriate feedback form. Provide thorough, detailed and constructive written feedback! HELPFUL HINT: Wear the shoes while completing the feedback form.

6. To access a feedback form, select or click on the appropriate date and the feedback form will open in a separate window or tab. Submit form when completed.

Returning New Balance Test Products

On the Product Return date:

1. IMPORTANT: On the label on the shoe box (it is usually a colored label, but is sometimes white), print your name and total usage information, including an appropriate descriptor (ex. 100 miles, or 25 matches, etc.). This is a VERY IMPORTANT step!

2. Place the provided pre-paid return-shipping label over the original shipping label on the front of the shipping box, and ship the package back to NB using the United Parcel Service (UPS). It is your responsibility to get the package to UPS.

3. NOTE: If you loose your return shipping label, please contact your wear test administrator or the wear test team and we can send you a new one.

Shipping with UPS

To ship products back to NB via UPS, you may:

1. Give the package to any UPS driver, UPS Store or shipping center. NOTE: UPS will also pick up packages from many Staples office supply store; or Call 1-800-PICK-UPS (1-800-742-5877) to arrange for a pick-up at your home. Important Note: If you choose this option you will likely be charged a $10.00 fee by UPS; you will NOT be reimbursed by New Balance if you choose this option.

For more information or to find a UPS drop-off shipping location near you, visit www.ups.com

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