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Tester School

LOVE Wear Testing More.
The New Balance Tester School is designed to educate wear testers so they can better analyze the fit, function, and durability of their assigned test shoes.

Our philosophy is simple. Listen, learn, and refine. Just wear the shoes, provide constructive feedback, and we’ll make improvements. Your input will ultimately shape the next generation of New Balance products.

Test Overview Form
Now that you have been assigned to a test, learn how to participate in a wear test. Please review the form before you start wearing the test products.
The Grading System
Testers are graded based on the quality of their feedback and their ability to follow instructions. Learn how to become an elite tester.
The Right Size
Shoes that fit better perform better. Learn how to tell if your test shoes fit.
The Perfect Shoe
Learn how to find the perfect shoe based on your arch type, body frame, running gait, and specific needs.
Shoe Anatomy
Learn the basic parts of a shoe so you can identify points of discomfort and any other issues concerning fit, function, or durability.